An essential communication service plan for those who have lots of travels and overseas business trips

It is a communication service plan that the whole family can use alternately

Todos Home No roaming required. Even perfect two-number service!

Service features

  • Use the same personal phone number and domestic service rate overseas
  • Self-verification and real name authentication available at overseas - Banking work available
  • Easy to install and use at homes or offices
  • Anyone can have access to it since there are no fixed users

Service overview

How to use

  • 1 Purchasing a product

    Purchase Todos Home Appliances and order service plan charges for the duration of use

  • 2 Inserting the USIM

    Remove the USIM from the smartphone, attach it to the USIM adapter and insert it into the USIM chip connecting part

  • 3 Connecting the Device

    Turn on the power after connecting the Internet to the 'Todos Home' device

  • 4 Installing the App

    Install the 'Todos Home App’ on your smartphone and log in to your account

Information on device

• CPU  MIPS 1GHz / 128KB L2 Cache   • OS  LINUX   • Memory  Serial Flash Memory 128Mbit / LPDDR 32MB (DSP 내장)   • RTC  Embedded   • Display  System Status LED : GREEN / MODEM LINK LED : WHite LED    • Keys  Factory Button   • Modem  B1/B3/B5/B7/B8/B20, @FDD LTE B38/B40/B41, @TDD LTE B1/B5/B8, @WCDMA B3/B8, @GSM, Based on Qualcomm MDM9 x 07, QUACTEL EC-25    • Ethernet  10/100 Mbps, RJ45   • USB  USB 2.0 Slave, micro 5pin   • VOIP  Supported   • SD Card  Supported   • Antenna  LTE ANT (FPCB Type)   • Power  Input : DC 5 V, Nomal status (Call waiting status) : 180mA/5V 0.9W   • Device specification  Size : 115 x 29mm, Weight : 120g, External material : ABS

Download 'Todos Home' from
Google Play or the App Store!

Your Personal Address Book will be automatically updated when you log in with your ID.   Feel free to use the voice calls and text messages!

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