Personal Information Protection,
Required Privacy Protection Service

It is a necessary communication service plan for faculties and corporate related phone users

Todos Privacy Perfect two-number service for personal information and privacy protection

Service features

  • 아이콘 Blocking disclosures of personal information and preventing privacy infringement
  • 아이콘 Use two phone numbers with just one smartphone
  • 아이콘 You can use group chat rooms in social media messengers separately
  • 아이콘 Able to use during any desired time, such as during working hours

Service Overview

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How to Use

  • 1 아이콘+82 70-7778-7877 Consulting for an order

    For schools or any organizations wanting to purchase the Todos Privacy product, please call our head office

  • 2 아이콘 Purchasing USIM

    Buy as many USIM as the number of employees or faculty members using the service plan, and send them to the Todos Center

  • 3 아이콘 Installing the App

    Employees, professional workers or faculty members should individually install the 'Todos Dialer' app on their phones

  • 4 아이콘 Log-in and Use

    Log in using the ID and PW given by the company or school

Differences from the Carrier Two-Number Service

Todos Privacy Service Carrier Two-Number Service
Subscription use Using IDs provided by the organization Individuals sign up in their own names to use
phone number Separate the use of personal and business phone numbers Use a personal phone number
when dialing calls Enter phone number only Enter additional code number
confusion with phone numbers Work phones are app-enabled, so there is no confusion with the personal calls. Confusion may occur as there is no separate devices available
hours of use Autonomous use during desired time 24-hour connection to phone calls and text messages
takeover Forward phone number to successors Non-takeoverable
sign-up agreement None Available
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Download 'Todos Dialer' or
'Todos Home' from
Google Play or the App Store!

Your Personal Address Book will be automatically updated when you log in with your ID.   Feel free to use the voice calls and text messages!

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